Who We Are

A full-service marketing company built by business owners for business owners. 

We at the Academy of Marketing believe first and foremost that the key to success is in understanding the rules of the game – and then playing better than everyone else. 
For the past decade, The Academy of Marketing has conducted, studied, and applied the best research in the marketing space to two distinct, but synergistic, areas:  the largest media companies in the advertising industry, and the local businesses that power the economy.

What We Do

We work directly with local businesses to continually discover and test the best ways to market.

We work with media and marketing companies to help their teams understand how marketing, and its various types of advertising options, truly work in the mind of the consumer – so that they may in turn teach and help their own clients achieve the best possible results.

How We Do It

We bring order out of chaos.  

In a marketplace beset by an incredible number of channels, platforms, solutions, and options (each with their own unique pros and cons, pricing models and services), we quickly simplify the choices based on the basic fundamentals of marketing, and how the most important piece – the consumer – actually utilizes them.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

Simply put, more traffic equals more opportunities for sales and customer engagement, which in turn leads to higher revenues. However, the most important thing about getting traffic is getting users you actually want: Users that actually convert.

It's easy to look at conversion numbers and make this error of inference:

If 20% of users convert, then I just need more users, right?

Many digital marketers rely on business owners making this logical inference. Subsequently, they'll suggest blog posts and content schemes as a way to increase traffic. They'll publish more content to your website, which does indeed increase traffic as total conversions plateau and conversion rates drastically decrease.

What this theoretical firm has done is target moderate volume, low converting keywords that are easy to rank for on Google, thereby increasing total users. A fate that could have been avoided if they had targeted lower volume, high converting keywords with high purchase intent.


We will always be available to speak with you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have an idea, problem or question, we will move the earth to hear from you. Just let us know!


We will be as attentive to your needs on day 300 as we were on day 1.


The best client relationships are ones where we are both learning about each other. We can't wait to learn about how your process distinguishes you!

"The Academy of Marketing's initiatives are based upon the key fundamentals of marketing and consumer behavior - fundamentals all business owners, marketers, and media professionals must know and understand to truly be successful."

Len Middleton, Faculty, University of Michigan Ross School of Business

The Ross School of Business is currently the 4th ranked business school in the U.S. (BusinessWeek).

Josh Yudin, CEO, on One More Customer 

Tedx Talk: What Keeps Us Alive Is What Kills Us

Consumer Behavior

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